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Shemar Bridges : Leaving the nest, joining the Flock

BALTIMORE, MD - The Baltimore Ravens are currently conducting their 2023 training camp to prepare the players for the upcoming season. The HBCU Sports Summit team was invited out to the Ravens Training Facility in Owings Mills, MD on July 31st to get a taste of what it's like being on the media team. While keeping our eyes on one player in particular, WR Mr. Shemar Bridges, we were able to see him in full action and speak with him briefly following the conclusion of practice.

CREDIT : Mikayla Perry, HBCU Sports Summit | Shemar Bridges

Behind number 85 is a humble, bright young man with a vision and a goal. There's a man who wants to inspire others and make a difference in this world. Shemar Bridges played football at Fort Valley State University. He was born December 26, 1997 and is a current wide receiver for the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens picked up Bridges as a undrafted free agent in May 2022 and he's been rolling with the team ever since!

As someone who spends a lot of his time with his teammates and coaches, he elaborated on the hardest part of balancing his career with his personal life. "The hardest part is just trying to find the time for everything, like knowing that your career comes first, like this is what you wanted, you know this provides for your living, it can hopefully provide for your family" said Bridges. "So you got to like be able to you know focus and make sure you got time for this but you also wanna have time for your family and friends so I think it’s about scheduling."


Coming from Florida to the East coast is definitely a huge jump as his family stayed behind. However, nothing stops Bridges from putting that work in. He's going to to keep pushing and please the lord with whatever that may be on and off the field. "I just want to do whatever God's will for me to do" says Bridges. "Whatever my purpose is here, I want to accomplish that."

Bridges story is like no other story you've heard before, his name is going to be in the history books. Like a true hero, he feels that what he does is way more than just playing the game, but inspiring and bringing good to others. As Bridges continues in his career, there is no doubt he'll continue to grow into an even stronger player and make his step-father, Damian Swain, former Canadian Football League WR proud.

From the HBCU Sports Summit team, we wish him the absolute best.

CREDIT : Mikayla Perry, HBCU Sports Summit | Shemar Bridges

By, Mikayla Perry

Contributions: The Baltimore Ravens, HBCU Sports Summit

Photo: Mikayla Perry

Photo: Mikayla Perry


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