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MEAC x SIAC: HBCU Commissioners help bring unity to the black community

BALTIMORE, MD - The HBCU Sports Summit team had a ball at the HBCU x Orioles night where HBCU Commissioners were put in the spotlight. This was a collaborative night full of fun and excitement for all ages.

CREDIT : Trevor Strigler, Meac, HBCU Sports Summit | The Baltimore Orioles

HBCUs come from the history of black students being casted out from attending colleges where the majority of students were white. Segregational times were dark and made it hard for our people to flourish. Abilities and skills weren't being put to the test because of the lack of a safe space to do so. Now, HBCUs shine more than ever to provide students with cultural sensitivity, diversity, and excellence in education and sports. Our fellow HBCU Commissioners are all about making a statement in the importance of HBCU life and culture in students home away from home. They wanted the night to show distinctive HBCU engagement, no matter what HBCU you attend. We can count on them to represent quality and equality in every community space, because that's how HBCUs roll. "You know, events like this brings the families together" said Sonja Stills, Commissioner of the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference. "That's what HBCUs are all about. It doesn't matter what HBCU you go to, we're one big family and we are HBCUs against everybody else."

A prime example of HBCUs coming together as one family was the recent heartbreaking event of Morgan State University's campus shooting, where five students were shot following the conclusion of the Mister & Miss Morgan State Coronation. Bowie State University opened up their campus with welcoming arms to all Morgan State students, as a result of their homecoming being canceled. The two schools came together in joy and it was truly something beautiful to witness. We want our HBCUs to make a difference to society at large, which is why these huge acts of kindness should be recognized and glorified. Events like HBCU night makes a bigger difference than we can ever imagine. It is truly heart warming for a young fan to come out and want to attend an HBCU in their future because of the positive, uplifting atmosphere. They were witnessing something they've never seen before in any other community. Young fans ran up to the HBCU mascots at high speeds to take photos. People who were unfamiliar with each other came together for photos. That's the special thing about HBCU bonding, we're all together and all for one.


What is even more amazing is the unconditional acceptance of HBCUs. As our schools are know to provide educational resources and opportunities to black and brown students, they welcome all people from all backgrounds. Inclusion isn't a problem with HBCUs, the more diverse the merrier. We always love to spread our cultural goodness with everyone as "HBCUs work not only for the benefit of their students, but for the good of the country as a whole." This causes a chain effect that will want to make more people experience HBCU life and culture. Events like HBCU night are what helps keep us grounded in our history and background, especially since sports is so historic in our community.

"It brings awareness to our contribution" said Dr. Anthony Holloman, Commissioner of the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SIAC). "Not only to the world of sports but to society as a this is a great night for HBCUs."

HBCUs continue to grow and rise to the top as it becomes more widespread. There is no doubt that HBCUs have become the largest source of inspiration, fun, support and wellness to the black and brown community. It is vital that these amazing HBCU catered events continue daily and annually to ensure the best for all students in their bright futures. We want to continue to honor the legacies that HBCUs have given us and stand up for our students. We want our family to grow as there are currently 107 HBCUs in the country. The grind will never stop!

A huge thanks to Commissioner Stills and Commissioner Holloman for coming out and making this night special. It was an honor!

-The HBCU Sports Summit team

CREDIT : Trevor Strigler, Meac, HBCU Sports Summit | The Baltimore Orioles

CREDIT : Mikayla Perry, Siac, HBCU Sports Summit | The Baltimore Orioles

By, Mikayla Perry

Contributions: The Baltimore Orioles, Meac, Siac, HBCU Sports Summit

Photo: Mikayla Perry

Photo: Trevor Strigler

Photo: Mikayla Perry


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